In the year 2005 I visited Israel at the time of
Shavuot (Pentecost) I was on the Gush Katif
Solidarity Tour. I had such an awesome
visitation from G-d there and have been
working on a book about all that He showed
me in the Land. On the way home a woman
on the plane came over to me and said " You
received a prophecy from the L-rd in Israel
and you are supposed to put it on a painting
of a Menorah." Little did she know that before
I left for Israel I had been working on a
concept of a banner that was a Menorah with
a rainbow over it.
Well I spent 6 months working on this
painting with a commisioned artist whom the
L-rd chose in such a supernatural way named
Marilyn Sparks. I have not felt it was time yet
to release the prophecy or the painting until
about 4 o'clock this morning 7-17-06. The war
between Israel and Hezbollah is raging and
Adonai wants to call up His army that He has
been preparing for such a time as this. The
L-rd so impressed me that this is the hour for
it to go forth. So following is the word that
was given by Daniella Weiss in Kedumim last
year and the word that came forth in the Holy
Land in June of 2005.
In a place called Kedumim, which is "time immemorial". Which means "extending back beyond
memory, record, or knowledge." In this place of time unrecordable, I heard the voice of Adonai speak
to me about the divine connection between the Jews and the beleivers in Mashiac and shalom in the
Land of Israel.
A woman of G-d spoke to us about her being called to battle for the Land of Promise by "the finger of
G-d."  It happened at the moment the war began on Yom Kippur many years before.  She said the
battles had been so difficult because "the victories were so close,"...  "yet the Jews would lose."  She
said, "yet we are happy to have redeemed another hill,"  Because inside the Jew"  there is something
As the woman of G-d spoke, I suddenly saw her as the roots of a tree buried deep in the land fighting
the battle for shalom for Adonai.
I then saw branches waving in the air and I heard the voice of G-d speak and say, "The Jews are the
roots (shoresh) and you are the branches (aneph).  Their battle is in the Land because they dwell in
the Land.  Your battle is in the air because you are the branches.  If you do not war in the heavenlies
for them they cannot win the battle."  He then spoke a single word..."Photosynthesis"

I wondered what He
could mean by
"Photosynthesis". So I
went home and studied
this process put in
motion by G-d himself.
What I found was that it is
a process that brings life
and growth to the tree.
Without one the other
can't survive. The root
brings the water and
nutrients from the soil
while the branches that
contain the leaves
absorb sunshine which is
transformed in the trunk (
of Jesse Isaiah 11:1,2)
into a life giving sustance
that brings life. So unless
the branches and the
roots work together their
can be no life.
".......and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
Revelations 22:2

Summary: When we answer our G-d given mandate to pray for the Shalom (peace) of Israel we
unite with them and G-d's purpose. Our part is to absorb the light by doing warfare for them in
the heavenlies, and their part is to bring the water from the Promise (land) so the two together
create photosynthesis which releases the seven Spirits of G-d.
They cannot win the battle in the Land without our prayers. This is the birthing process to
bring Mashiac (Messiah,  Prince of Peace) and Shalom to Jerusalem to rule and reign thus
releasing the Seven Spirits of G-d.

Isaiah 62:6-7 " You who call on Adonai give yourselves no rest and give Him no rest till He
restores Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) and makes it a praise in the earth.
Psalms122:6-9 PRAY for the Shalom of Yerushalayim.Those who love you will prosper.Shalom
be within your walls and prosperity in your palaces. For my brothers and companions sakes I
will now say 'Shalom be within you' . For the sake of the house of the L-rd our G-d, I will seek
your good."
Isaiah 62:6 " I have posted watchmen on your walls Yerushalayim, they will never fall silent,
neither by day or by night "
Romans 11: 16-18 "And if the root is holy so are the a wild olive- were grafted
in among them and have become equal sharers in the rich root of the olive tree....remember
that you are not supporting the root, the root is supporting you."
Ephesians 2:12 "at that time had no Messiah, you were estranged from the national life of
Israel. You were foreigners to the covenants embodying G_d's promise. But now you who
were far off have been brought near through the shedding of the Messiah's blood. For He
himself is our Shalom - He has made us both one and has broken down the middle wall of
partition which divided us.....He did this in order to create in union with himself one new
humanity and thus make Shalom."
Notice that Jews and beleivers in Mashiac working together as one bring Shalom. WE MUST
answer the call to war for our brothers and sisters in Israel by prayer while they fight risking
their very lives for the Promised Land. If they win so do we.
So why the rainbow over
the top? The rainbow
represents the Seven
Spirits of G-d and it also
represents His covenant
with man.
A rainbow is created by
light passing through water .
Light plus water =
photosynthesis  (rainbow) =
 covenant of life
= 7 Spirits of G-d= Messiah=

Isaiah 11:1-2 But a branch will emerge from the trunk of Yishai, a shoot will grow from his
roots.  The spirit of Adonai will rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the
spirit of counsel and power, the spirit of knowledge and fearing Adonai.

Isaiah 11:10 On that day the root of Yishai which stands as a banner for the peoples- the
Goyim will seek him out and the place where he rests will be glorious.

Isaiah 11:11 He will hoist a banner for the Goyim, assemble the dispersed of Isra'el and
gather the scattered of Y'udah from the four corners of the earth.
What is God speaking to us in this present battle in the middle east? We know that
everything that happens in the natural in Israel is the presedence for what is getting ready to
happen in the spirit.
Israel has put up with Hezbollah for years. Putting out this little fire and that one. Now enough
is enough! Hesbollah has taken their children, families and homes, and now they have taken
their soldiers. Enough is enough. NO MORE HEZBOLLAH! Israel is taking back their soldiers
who were stolen and destroying every work of the enemy that could touch their Land.
Believers in Mashiac have put up with the devil for years. They put out this little fire and that
one. Now enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!! He has taken our children, families and homes and even our
warriors. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! NO MORE DEVIL!!!!!!!!! We are taking back our soldiers who
have been stolen (by the cares of this world) and we will battle to nullify every work of the
enemy that could touch our families, children, homes , the work of the L-rd or His Promised
"Don't suppose that because you happen to be in the royal palace you will escape any more
than the other Jews. For if you fail to speak up now, relief and deliverance will come to the
Jews from a different direction; but you and your fathers family will perish. Who knows
whether you didn't come into your royal position precisely for such a time as this.."
Esther 4:13,14

Shalom Blessings to all,  Renalee
Prints of the Photosynthesis painting will be available soon. Colors
on the above photosynthesis picture do not reflect the true colors
of the painting. A better picture will be posted soon.
Email me at for further information.