May 18th 2011:

Renalee will be a guest on GLC (God’s Learning Channel) on May 18th.

She will be sharing music, videos, and her healing testimony.
Renalee will also be speaking on the Gospel of Shalom, the new book
just being released.

Note that it is being recorded on that day but will air sometime during
the roundup during May.

May 21, 2011

Sabbath with Two Teachers and Fellowship Dinner

RSVP Required

Phone: 325.660.1952 or E-mail:

Renalee Colon

1:00 to 4:00

Where the Glory Walks Ministry

Subject: The Gospel of Shalom

Worship by Servan and Diane Mark

Davidic dance being taught by Elaine Haynik

Shabbat Fellowship Meal

4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Everyone bring a “cold” dish to share

Taylor County Expo Center,

Ranch House Room

1700 Hwy. 36 ( South 11th Street @ Loop 322)

Abilene, Texas

Seating is Limited - Email or Call your RSVP

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Yaffa McPherson

God's Prickly Pear and Easy Hebrew

Subject: to be announced


Directed by Art Solis

Accompanied by Linda Versyp and Dirindia Kelley

There is No Charge to Attend the Seminar
Shalom shalom,
  Many of you asked to be notified when the last Light of the Southwest taping
would air. So here are the dates. Thank you for all of your prayers they were
certainly needed, felt, and answered. HalleluYah!
  We had a wonderful ministry trip and got much accomplished for the building of
the Kingdom. Our host Allen Lee in Lubbock is a phenomenal leader, friend to all,
and walks in the true love of YHWH like few I have ever met. If you get a chance to
view his programs it would be a blessing to you. Many people were touched, healed,
and their lives changed all to the Glory of YHWH. I also found another part of my
family in Mashiach in Lubbock I am so happy to say. The people who live there
welcomed us with open arms of love and we had the most wonderful hosts who
cared for us so sweetly. My grandaughter Chloe didn't want to leave Lubbock. We
were treated like royalty and embraced with the very arms of Mashiach, and I cry as
I write this because the remembrance of their love is brought to my heart once
again. We celebrated Yom Turuah together with delight in Yahshua and declared
the wonderous works of our Creator with joy.
  Coming home to GLC was just as stated, like coming home again. There are no
other leaders who walk in humility and love like Al and Tommie Cooper. Being on
the Light of the Southwest is always like coming home to family and sitting in the
living room reminiscing with your loved ones. What an honor and a blessing to be a
part of something that brings truth and love to the body of Mashiach.
  Then off to Abilene where I got to meet with my family for a few hours and ended
up praying for their friend. Then an opportunity was opened by Abba Father in
Abilene to touch another evangelists life. He has asked me to teach him about the
Hebraic roots of his faith. He was also gloriously healed. I look forward to see what
comes of this.
   We traveled around 2,000 miles in 5 days and did around 27 hours of ministry.
There wasn't much sleep and I got a little slap happy but other than that I couldn't
have asked for a better trip. I also reunited with my niece whom I hadn't seen for at
least 13 years, it was great to see her and her daughter.
    We were blessed to have dinner with a wonderful girl in Lubbock named Jamie
that is the true bride of Mashiach. Jamie walks in love and never complains despite
her so called "disability". She never says I can't! She has been a paraplegic since
she was 16 years old, yet she finished high school, college, and runs her own
business from a computer at home. She always has a smile on her face and never
misses an opportunity to tell someone about Mashiach. What an inspiration! The
scripture that states "I can do all things through Mashiach who strengthens me" is
being lived out through her. But most of all the love and the light of Yahshua lives
deep within her and she never complains. We all need to learn from Jamie how to
be thankful and repent of complaining during this season of repentance.
    There were too many miracles to list and too may wonderful people to name but
to YHWH be all the Glory and Praise and Honor.
Hope you enjoy the program. I was barely awake but had a great time with Al and

Shalom shalom,

Your guest appearance on Light of the Southwest (LOTS) is scheduled to air on:
Thursday 10/6 at 8pm
Friday 10/7 at 1am, 7am, and 2pm

Please note: If you wish to order the program that aired in June that program
number is 060111 and can be ordered off of the GLC website.


Once the program airs, it can also be seen on our website for one
week. (Simply click the Programs tab, then choose your program from those pictured
on the right.)

You will be receiving a complimentary copy of the program. This copy is for your
personal viewing only.  We ask that you not re-sell the program, post it on the
internet or broadcast it in any manner.  You may wish to post a message on your
website that a copy of the program is available through the GLC Bookstore.  
(Bookstore sales do help GLC do what we do!)

Thank you for coming to GLC!  We pray you have a great response to the program!

Amy Cooper
General Mgr
Sept.29th 2011 for Yom Turuah
Renalee will be guest speaker at Alan Lee's community in Lubbock Texas.
Morning breakout session for questions and healing testimony. Prayer time afterwards
and lunch following the meeting.
Evening fellowship and meal followed by the blowing of the Shofars, teaching by
Renalee, and then worship in the dance.

Sept 30th 2011 GLC Light of the Southwest to be aired Oct. 6th and 7th, 2011
Don't miss this important message about what was written in the sky to the bride of
Messiah by the recent comet Elenin.

Shalom shalom,