Shalom friends and intercessors,          
Today is a day of celebration of the passing of our
blessed sister Patsy Taylor. She leaves behind a
huge legacy of a worldwide missionary work . She
and Andrew helped establish Bible schools in India,
Asia, Indonesia and the Southern hemisphere. These
are are just a few of hers and Andrews contributions
to the world for the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Many of you have prayed for her in the past couple of
years due to her ever increasing health issues.  
Ministries and individuals around the world have been
touched by her love, kindness, and glorious smile that
radiated the love and glory of Adonai. These and
many more, have all prayed many hours for her
complete healing and restoration.
We thank all of you for your relentless love and perseverance on her behalf. Many days
your prayers carried her to overcome another day of pain. Patsy's literally world famous
smile continued to radiate even through sufferings, pain and illness that many of us could
never have endured with the grace that she walked in. She is an inspiration to all of us who
knew her personally. I am enclosing a picture of her so if you didn't know her, you can see
her true beauty.  If you were blessed enough to know Patsy you will have a remembrance of
the love, joy, and shalom that eminated from her whole being. She will be missed by all.
Please continue to pray for her son Luke (13 years old) and husband Andrew ( who carries
on in the ministry alone) for the Lord to undergird them with His strength and comfort in their

In the last hours of her earthly life, there were many who came and relentlessly prayed for
her healing and resurrection , sang hyms, and in the end held a joyous celebration of
everlasting life in her passing into the Kingdom of Heaven. Many thanks to all of you from
the bottom of my heart.
The evening before she passed, while praying for her at the hospital, I had a vision of her in
white array held in Yeshua's arms. They were riding together on a white horse flying into
Heaven. It was like a new princess bride with her prince being carried off to his Kingdom to
begin their new life together. It was so beautiful... yet it made me weep, for I knew how much I
would miss her. I have visited with, encouraged, and prayed for her for about 4 or 5 years
nearly every Sabbath. She had asked me to be her encouragement for healing, due to the
miraculous healing I had received from similar conditions. So began a wonderful friendship
between 2 sisters who were born just days apart on opposite sides of the world. She in India
and I in the U.S.A.
I am thankful for every minute of her life and friendship.

Patsy herself had had a dream about 3 days before her passing on September 03, 07 about
going to her home in Pennsylvania.  
In the dream while driving in a vehicle with a friend, they were looking at something on the
horizon and missed the curve , running off the road into a lake. She closed her eyes waiting
for the crash, but there was none. She then waited to sink in the water and that didn't happen.
She opened her eyes and there was a mennonite house at the edge of the lake with very
beautiful trees and vegetation and she was floating on an airbag. All she and her friend had to
do, was to paddle to the shore. The mennonite lady called to her welcoming her into her
home. Patsy knew it was Mennonite by the way the house was made. The woman told Patsy
she would care for her now. The Mennonite lady then called to her sons to go check for milk
and eggs.  Little did I realize that the dream was saying that she was going home, literally.
In the dream she thought she was going to go one way, but went another way. She thought
there was going to be a crash, but there was peace. She thought she would sink but the
prayers of the people (airbags= wind of the Spirit contained=prayers) carried her. All she had
to do is paddle a little in the water (she was nearly home, there  were only a few paddles left
or strokes in the spirit, and she would be there). Patsy was being carried by prayer, riding on
the waters (the spirit of the Lord) and she would  soon enter into a pure place of safety that
was very near by ( Mennonites live in a very pure lifestyle and environment/ thus a similarity
to Heaven. There are also Menonites and Amish nearby the place  Patsy called home in
Pensylvania, this confirmed that she was going "home"). As soon as she would arrive, the
spirit would send for the Word (or milk/ the pure milk of the Word of God also symbolizes
Yeshua). She was going to see Yeshua. And then the new life He had promised her in the
Word would arrive.(eggs are the seeds of a new life and beginning).
Patsy expected to crash into the lake and thought it would be difficult to make it , but with
Yahwehs provision she didn't feel a thing but the stillness. ( once again she expected one
thing but received another)
The Lord was telling her she was going home to a place of safety, beauty and provision.
Our eternal home with Him.
Patsy is with her Prince of Peace now in His Kingdom, so let us rejoice together with Patsy.
She dwells in the Kingdom of Shalom peace (with her Prince of Peace), with no pain, no
sickness,  and joy unspeakable and full of glory. Her healing at long last has come, but it
didn't come 'the way we expected". She was expecting to be caught up in the air and not to
leave before us. Patsy has gone a "different way than we all expected,"  yet it is His way
and His plan. For His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts than our thoughts. And
obviously His timing is different than our timing.

When I got home about 1:30 am and laid down to sleep I saw beautiful jewels that were
purple, blue, pink, orange, green, gold and yellow. They glistened and were everywhere in
this vision. There were thousands of them. I had no idea what it meant. I was very tired but I
made a note of it and went to sleep. This morning the Lord said that I was seeing the many
Jewels that Patsy had earned for her crown. The purple speaks of the Kingdom, the pink of
the love of God,  orange for perserverance, the blue of revelation and communion with the
Lord. Green speaks of prosperity and life and growth, gold is holiness and purity and yellow
is a gift of God of hope. What an awesome woman of God!!!There were so many jewels
they wouldn't even fit on her crown. There is much treasure laid up in Heaven for our dear
departed friend Patsy, Glory be to our God and King Yahweh and His son Yeshua, without
whom none of the work Patsy did on this earth would have been possible. She has a rich
abundant treasure to throw at His feet. Halleluyah !!!!

Thanks again for all of your prayer support. As you can see the Lord is speaking into your
life also and telling you that your prayers (airbags) kept Patsy from sinking in a sure
disaster, until she could get home. Please continue making "airbags" (wind of the spirit
contained=prayers)  for her family and for this world and for Israel. We need them to carry
us in the spirit  until we can all enter the Kingdom of Heaven and dwell with our King of
Kings forevermore. Glory to His Name.
Shalom blessings and love to all,
Where the Glory Walks Ministry
Note: Fountain of Love was recorded exclusively for
Patsy due to her love for the song. I wrote the song and
sang it over her during times of prayer when she was ill.
She loved the song so much that I recorded it so she
could listen to it whenever she wanted.