After the miraculous and literal restoration of my deteriorated body,

Yahshua began to pour out His spirit on me to write music and confirmed

a 20 year old call to evangelism in my life. I have been blessed to be able

to record the music and give it to you to enjoy. There are 2 CD’s available

completely free on the Product Page. You may listen there to any or all

of it and also download it in MP3 format free of charge. When we are

blessed to minister to friends and communities, we give away free

CD’s and materials. This is our gift to you, and to YHWH. Freely we have

received freely we give. Just remember the items are copyrighted and you may

use them freely, but they may not be sold or used for profit of any kind. Any

other use for the products must be with permission. Contact us and we will be

happy to work with you. We just want to assure the items are used for the

Glory of Yahshua and not for gain, and we are not looking for compensation

of any kind.

Upcoming Childrens Projects

Where the Glory Walks Ministry loves children and we believe they are

of great value to our Abba Father. We also believe that more has to be done

to train them up in the way they should go, as YHWH’s Torah commanded us

to do, and we are working on some upcoming projects that we hope to

accomplish our goals of blessing and encouraging them to obey Torah out

of love for our beloved Yahshua.
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Love Letter now

Shalom shalom,

My name is Renalee and I want to tell you about the

miracles I have been blessed with and to tell you that I have truly enjoyed

serving Yahshua for 30 plus years. Thirteen and a half years of

that was spent suffering with 13 different painful neurological

and other disorders. They left me totally disabled, bedridden,

walking with a cane, and at times in a wheel chair. Now I am

rejoicing and thankful that Yahshua has totally healed me and

I have been totally been set free from the prison of pain I was living

in for so long. To read the list of sicknesses that plagued my body and

the complete story of the miracle that took place, including the fact

that I am an inch and 1/4 taller, please go to the Miracle Healing page.

It is my greatest desire to glorify Yahshua’s Holy

Name, for the miracle gift of healing He has given to me.
Revelation 2:1 is the message from the
one who holds the seven stars in
His right hand and walks among
the seven gold menorahs.
Song,"Where the glory walks" is
original music and lyrics by
Renalee and arranged by Jim
Sorenson. All rights reserved. If
you would like to order a FREE
click here.
Revelation 1:10, 12, 13
I came to be in the spirit,
on the day of the Lord;
and I heard behind me a
loud voice, like a
trumpet.  I turned
around to see who was
speaking to me; and
when I had turned, I
menorahs.  And
the menorahs
someone like the son of
man; wearing a robe
down to His feet and
wearing a gold band
around His chest.
Where The Glory Walks
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Shalom and Thanks for Visiting!
Shalom Aleichem,

Where the Glory Walks Ministry welcomes you to

stop awhile and listen to the music, watch the video,

and read the books. Take what you like with you

because it’s all free. All the music and books on this

site are free: as freely we have received so freely

we give.(all rights reserved) We hope you enjoy the

music and the testimony about our wonderful

Yahshua the son of YHWH

This is my second book to be released, and it is just being finished. It has taken almost a decade of work
and research to write it. It is a message that you have most likely never heard before. I have yet to have
anyone say they have heard the revelation of this truth about the word Shalom. In fact that is what I
hear most from people who have heard the teaching. They say “I have never heard this taught before…
anywhere”. They also state that they are going to implement it into their lives immediately. We have
friends that have a beauty salon and the day this was implemented in their business they had the best
day they ever had. Everywhere I have taught this message miracles have happened, and eyes have been
opened to the Gospel of Shalom that is woven throughout the Word of YHWH. The presence of Yahshua
has been so tangible that one man was unable to move in is chair until he repented of not believing in the
power and presence of Yahshua. From Genesis to Revelation it is clearly an established element of the
Kingdom and was also demonstrated clearly in Yahshua’s life, ministry, and teachings. This book will take
you on a true adventure through an amazing and powerful message written for us in the Word and hidden
for this end time to empower the believer to walk in blessings and protection. I believe you will be truly
surprised and blessed by this message.

Download it for free on the
Free Stuff Page.
The first book, the Lion Has Roared, Is an amazing visitation that happened to Renalee in 2007 while in a
wedding chapel. That day she was taken to the throne room of YHWH to behold the face of Yahshua and
His glory and was also taken to the Temple mount in Jerusalem and shown of things to come for the

Download it free today on the Free Stuff Page.

Also be sure to look at the Itineraray page to see where Renalee is teaching next, so you can hear about
this awesome truth revealed to her by Abba Father.
SABBATH INSTRUCTIONS: Go to the free stuff page. Go to the book "The Lion Has Roared"
and open the PDF file. Go to chapter 2 page 41, it is about 17 pages long, and you may print it
from there. Or print the whole book if you like, it is all free.